• FAQ - Photos

    Welcome back! Thanks again for paying a visit to Mandate.com. We are here to help you have a great time on the site. Here are some of the FAQ's that many people have. Please read this area before using the Contact Us area to save time. Our support staff works hard and you will help us out if you read over this area first!

    1. I want to post my picture, but I can't get it up!

    To add your pic to your profile, simply log in, and click your profile picture on right side top corner and then Photos. Once you see the photos heading, click Add Photo. From there, click Upload and browser your computer for the images you wish to add. A thumbnail of the image will appear, click Upload and it will be added. You can select several photos at once. Maximum acceptable photo storage size is 2MB. Pictures will be automatically adjusted to web friendly images.

    2. How Do I unlock my Private Photos for someone?

    If they request it, you will get a Private Message on the site. When you get this message, you can choose to approve the request to unlock or deny the request. If you want to unlock for someone who has not requested, go to their profile and below the profile Picture there is an setting tab. Click on that and it will show setting screen turn on private photo option for that individual.

    3. Why are there no pictures of naked chicks?

    This site is run by gay men for gay men. If you want pussy you have come to the wrong place. Of course, you are welcome to hang around. You might find something you like better. Our men are in a good mood all month long.

    4. Why am I having problems uploading photos?

    There are many possible reasons:

    5. Why was my photo deleted?

    If we deleted one or more of your photos there are four basic causes for this:
    1. The photo had a second person in it. We do not allow photos of people that we don't believe have given you permission.
    2. The photo could have a cc symbol on it. If so, we delete automatically as they are not allowed on the site.
    3. Someone reported that there was a problem with your photo and it is under review by the administrators of the site.
    4. . The photo did not have you in the pic. If we don't see you or a part of your body in the photo, we delete it. We want to see you in EVERY photo you upload to the site.
    5. Your pictures contained words or links to other sites which is prohibited by our terms of use or which is copyrighted by another source.

    6. What if I still have problems?

    We have several points of contact for additional problems. First, check the FAQ often; we update it as we encounter issues. We also check the bulletin boards on a regular basis, so if you can access the boards, simply state the problem there for others members to assist. If you need administrative help, click on the Contact Us button, leave us a VERY detailed message and we will try to assist you.