• FAQ - Registration/Account

    Welcome back! Thanks again for paying a visit to Mandate.com. We are here to help you have a great time on the site. Here are some of the FAQ's that many people have. Please read this area before using the Contact Us area to save time. Our support staff works hard and you will help us out if you read over this area first!

    1. It won't let me use the handle I want.

    That means someone else is already registered with that handle, so you'll have to pick a new one. Think of it this way, you already have something in common with him, so look him up!

    2. I'm registered but I can't get in.

    If you have never logged in before, perhaps your account has not been activated. To activate it, retrieve the e-mail we sent to your e-mail account and click on the activation link. If you have been using the site and are just having problems today, try the reset Password link to be sure you are using the right username and password. If this still doesn't work, click the Contact Us link on the top menu bar and ask for help and we will assist.

    3. Can I lie on my registration form?

    Have some pride. We cannot verify all of the information you provide. However as soon as you have your first hook up, you will be outed. Why waste your time?

    4. Can I change my Name on the site?

    We will be happy to change your screen name on the site. Your buddy list, e-mails, etc will NOT be affected. Only your name will change. To do this, simply go to My account section and click on Username. Be sure new user name do not match with existing users. Then enter your new username and password and click on save.

    5. How do I change my location from one city to another city?

    If you want to change your location on Mandate.com, go to My Account, Edit Location and enter your location or drag and drop location icon on Google map and click save.

    6. What if I still have problems?

    We have several points of contact for additional problems. First, check the FAQ often; we update it as we encounter issues. We also check the bullet in boards on a regular basis, so if you can access the boards, simply state the problem there for others members to assist. If you need administrative help, click on the Contact Us button, leave us a VERY detailed message and we will try to assist you.

    7. I don't want Search Engines to read my data. What can I do to prevent this?

    Go to your account information area and click Preferences and set the Search Preference to Members Only. This will also prohibit anyone visiting the site from seeing your information.